Web Design



Samba workshop can help to learn more about the following web design languages
Finally you can become a web designer and create its startup

AndyBits workshop can help to make not less than 4 applications beside the final project.
In this workshop you can make your own app easily and show your true potential to the world of google and android ..
If you still don't realize that your mobile phone uses sensors ? Then hurry to know with us .

Scan Arduino workshop will help you to build a couple of fun and easy projecta and do some coding.
Finally you can control robots , small machines , home automation projects and any projects.
Welcome abroad to the Arduino world



Public Speaking

In “ Ellora“ workshop
you will learn illustrator main tools , the concept of designing theory , drawing characters and starting the design from the scratch.

In "Pixop" workshop
you will learn photoshop main tools and multiple techniques in the photo editing and graphic designing field .

If you have the problem of facing people and talking in front of them.
So The Sparrow workshop is suitable for you as we are going to help you to get rid of fear of speaking in front of people.


Project Management


In Populus you will Explore the various activities of HR, learn to tie people with the organization’s vision. “care about people and people will care about work”.

Management is science used to gain a clear understanding of the project life cycle and soft skills in Rubik workshop you will Learn how to run your own project in the most effective way.

Do you know what is lintas ?
It is one of the first world's advertising agencies.
Learn how to promote a product from scratch and gain attention of customers with some soft skills.

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